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It’s Been Awhile . . .

Posted on: July 26th, 2012 by Ryan

We haven’t had too much time to blog over the past few months.  Its been a challenge just to keep up production for all you thirsty fans of Track 7.  Anyhow, we thought it best to get back in touch with you and give you a bit of information about what we have been up to and where we are going over the next few months.

First, and the biggest change for us to date, is that Ryan and Jeanna are in the process of leaving their digs in SoCal for Sacramento.  In doing so, Ryan will be the first official “full-time” Track 7 employee.  We all already work more than full-time at the brewery, so I guess this is really just a novel destinction.  But, he will be on-site more often and during the week which means Track 7 will be able to operate its tanks more efficiently.  More efficient tanks, means more beer (including more special releases) and maybe even more small pilot batches to taste and firkins to play with.

Second, we have made a couple additional capital purchases for the brewery.  We are taking delivery on a new keg washer this week and we will be acquiring two 15 barrel tanks for the brewery by the end of September.  The keg washer will allow us to be more efficient with our time.  Instead of washing 4 kegs an hour, we will be able to wash up to 40.  As it is now, we spend as much time cleaning kegs as we do brewing.  The bigger tanks were suppossed to be here at the end of July with the washer but are still in the fabrication process. Bigger tanks also mean more beer.  Bigger tanks also mean that we will have enough capacity to start bottling.  We hope to have our first bottling runs this fall and on the shelves of your favorite stores shortly thereafter.

Third, we have been doing our best to get our beers out to you in the Sacramento-area, so you can enjoy Sacramento’s best beer with food at your favorite restaurants.  Right now, we have 12 accounts in Sacramento and 2 in SoCal with some more active than others.  Over the next few months we will be working to push that number higher.  Feel free to send us an email letting us know where we should focus our efforts.

Fourth, you’ve asked for it so we are going to provide it.  Our next seasonal release will be a west coast IPA.  We held off on an IPA until we could make the IPA that we wanted to make, without various hop constraints.  Right now, the craft beer industry is going through a bit of a hop shortage, especially those prized flavor and aroma hops such as Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial and Citra.  Through a bit of good fortune, we have been able to cobble together the hops we wanted to use for the IPA and will be brewing it this weekend.  Look for more information on the IPA shortly, but expect its debut in mid-August as a special release.  If you guys like it enough and ask us nicely, we may even be pursuaded into making it a regular release.  But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Hopefully, you are as excited about what’s happening at Track 7 as we are.  There is a lot more that we’d like to say but can’t just yet.  We’ve been open almost 7 months now and our anniversary is right around the corner . . .