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Tracktoberfest 2013

Posted on: September 24th, 2013 by Becca Scott

Tracktoberfest is coming up next weekend, Saturday, October 5, and it is time to get in the spirit of Oktoberfest. The big beer celebration takes place in Munich, Bavaria and Germany the last 2 weeks of September to the first weekend in October. Whether it’s the beer or the infectious polka music, the cheer for beer has spread all over the globe and everyone celebrates Oktoberfest now.

But it didn’t all begin about the beer. In the early 1800s, a royal wedding took place and the general public was invited to attend the celebration. It was a rare occurrence to mix royalty with peasantry and the memorable celebration became an annual affair. With the masses came the beer. The traditional Oktoberfest beer in Munich contained only about 4.5% alcohol and was dark copper in color with a mild hop profile. Over time, variations have been made, but an Oktoberfest beer is traditionally labeled as a Märzenbier in style. For the Munich celebration, only a small list of approved breweries within Munich are allowed to serve their beer at the festival. Around 30% of the annual production of Munich’s breweries is consumed during these two weeks. That’s a lot of beer.

Oktoberfest beer is meant to be enjoyed in large swallows from a big stein, so for our celebration beers we are watching our ABVs. We will be showcasing our range, and we are actually going to brew a low ABV beer. Our signature beer is Tracktoberfest 5.3% ABV, which is a Märzen, and Siebenweizen, a Hefeweizen 4.7% ABV, will also be served. You will have to come by and try because the low ABVs might only happen once a year.

In addition to the beer, we have festivities planned from 12-9 pm including German music, delicious food and outrageous contests. Chef Adam Pechal with Tuli’s Bistro will be serving up Oktoberfest eats with a gourmet twist. Souls & Sounds Productions will be spinning some old authentic German records for our amusement from 12-3. At 3 pm, we will have our Log Sawing competition. Grab a partner and see how fast you can saw through a big ole log. At 4 pm, it’s time for the Stein Chug-A-Lug. Your beer chugging skills will be put to the test. At 5 pm, it’s time to find out how heavy a stein of beer can be. We will see who can hold a stein brimmed with beer the longest. At 6 pm, it’s time to let your gift of yodeling rip. And at 7 pm, Mr. Dave Chelini will be back to serenade us with his accordion. It’s just not Oktoberfest without hearing the accordion.

Whether you want to participate in the competitions or just watch, there will be much fun to be had at Tracktoberfest. Bring your friends, family, kids, dogs, your uncle Joe, wear your lederhosen and come on out to celebrate Oktoberfest with Track 7 on October 5.