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2014 Growler Club

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by Becca Scott
Sign-ups for the 2014 Growler Club start Saturday, November 9! Have you wondered about the fancy stainless steel growlers that you see people bring into the brewery? Now’s your chance to be part of the prestigious growler club. As part of the growler club, you pay a one-time fee and receive your own personalized growler to fill at no extra expense a certain number of days a week. The growler club is a great way to drink good beer and save money doing it. It is similar to last year, but we did make a few modifications to make it better for 2014. Below are all the details. Sign-up soon. There are limited spaces!
There are now 2 buy in levels for Growler Club-each level had a limited amount of spaces.
     *$399 – this level allows one member to fill the growler 2 days a week/once per day for the entire year.
     *$799 – this level allows up to three members to fill the growler 5 days a week/once per day for the entire year.
                  – We are allowing 2 payments to be made for this more expensive option — half when you sign up, and the rest due by November 30th, 2013.
                  – We are offering the opportunity to purchase more stainless steel growlers for the 2 additional members at $40 each.
Both levels are offered the opportunity to get growler fills of any beer Track 7 has on tap until the end of kegs except barrel aged beers.
Both levels are given the chance to purchase a growler fill of any barrel aged beer Track 7 releases, which is not an option for the general public.  And, with Track 7’s barrel program expanding, this is a great opportunity!
Both levels will be able to purchase special release bottles of beer before the general public.
Both levels will be invited to quarterly events an appreciation party at the end of the year.
Growlers will be handed out at our 2nd anniversary party on December 31st.