The Graham and Scott families established Track 7 Brewing Company as an outlet for creative expression through unique and artisanal beers. The name, Track 7 Brewing Company, was selected in part due to the brewery’s proximity to the old Western Pacific railroad tracks, west of Curtis Park, and as a nod to the integral role the railroad has and continues to play in Sacramento’s rich history.
Track 7’s approach to beer is in the vein of the firmly-hopped West Coast tradition, but without fidelity to a singular “style”. This unfocused approach allows Track 7 to experiment with all varieties of beer, regardless of American, Belgian, English, or German inspiration.
Let us introduce you to the Track 7 Family:
Geoff Scott: Geoff is the Cellarmaster and brewer at Track 7 Brewing Company. He heads the barrel program and gets crazy creating our firkins. He also manages the finances at Track 7. His favorite style of beer is Double IPA because it has a bit extra malt character to balance the hop bitterness.  Plus the higher ABV doesn’t hurt either. Email Geoff.
Ryan Graham : Ryan is the Brewmaster for Track 7 Brewing Co. and responsible for the day-to-day management of the brewery’s operations. His favorite style of beer is Smoked Porter as he appreciates how the smokey bitterness balances with the sweet chocolate and caramel flavors. Email Ryan.
Rebecca (Becca) Scott : Becca is Creative Wrangler at Track 7. She coordinates packaging design, web design, merchandise, marketing and media relations. Her favorite style of beer is beer because it is beer. Email Becca.
Jeanna Graham enjoying a fresh brew
Jeanna Graham : Jeanna is responsible for human resources, event coordination and donations at Track 7 Brewing Company. Her favorite style of beer is West Coast IPA because she likes a bitter beer. When not at Track 7, she is taking care of two little ones – Paige and Nolan.  Every now and again you might see them coloring with chalk in the back half of the brewery.  Email Jeanna.