Azekuanot Northeast-Inspired IPA

Northest-Inspired Wheat India Pale Ale

Hoppy Scale

A rating for the bitterness and flavor of each beer.

  • 1 - 0-25 IBU
  • 2 - 25-40 IBU
  • 3 - 41-60 IBU
  • 4 - 61-80 IBU
  • 5 - 80+

Aroma Scale

A rating for the aroma of each beer.

  • 1 - No Dry-hop
  • 2 - Single Dry-Hop, 1#/bbl or less
  • 3 - Single Dry-Hop, 1-2#/bbl
  • 4 - Double Dry-Hop, 2-3#/bbl
  • 5 - Triple Dry Hop or Double Dry-Hop, 3+#/bbl
semi-regular release




Hops Used:

Azacca, Citra, Equinot (formerly Equinox)


Tasting Notes

Wood/pine/eucalyptus; grapefruit/orange; slightly sweet mouthfeel


Named after the two hops used to brew this beer—Azacca and Ekuanot—Azekuanot is a piney IPA that starts off strong and finishes with a subtle hint of citrus and tropical fruit. When you first open a cold bottle, you’ll be struck by the piney mouthfeel. But as it warms, Azekuanot’s hidden fruity character begins to bloom, and you’ll be able to appreciate the woody eucalyptus feel that soon becomes evident. This beer is a study in contrasts which will richly reward drinkers who take their time to savor its nuances.