Bee Line Honey Blonde Ale

Honey Blonde Ale

Hoppy Scale

A rating for the bitterness and flavor of each beer.

  • 1 - 0-25 IBU
  • 2 - 25-40 IBU
  • 3 - 41-60 IBU
  • 4 - 61-80 IBU
  • 5 - 80+

Aroma Scale

A rating for the aroma of each beer.

  • 1 - No Dry-hop
  • 2 - Single Dry-Hop, 1#/bbl or less
  • 3 - Single Dry-Hop, 1-2#/bbl
  • 4 - Double Dry-Hop, 2-3#/bbl
  • 5 - Triple Dry Hop or Double Dry-Hop, 3+#/bbl
regular release
year round availability




Hops Used:

Magnum, German Tettnanger and Styrian Golding


Bronze Blonde Ale
2016 Los Angeles International Beer Competition

Tasting Notes

Wild flowers, warm bread, Euro noble hops


Bee Line Blonde is a light ale, but with a Track 7 twist. The body is crisp, reminiscent of a lager. Munich and Vienna malts provide nuance, while the incorporation of Sacramento-area wildflower honey gives Bee Line its dry finish. German and Czech hops round out the flavor, with the end result being a delicate ale with hints of flowers on the nose and a subtle spice on the palate. If you’re looking for an easy-drinking summer beer, Bee Line should be at the top of your list.