Dirty Bird 4pk


Dirty Bird – Hawaiian Cocktail Inspired Hard Seltzer (8% ABV)

4 x 16 oz Can – Limit: one 4pk per order

Did you know the Blue Hawaiian Cocktail is also called “Swimming Pool”? 💦Well we have a summer blue hued drink that goes perfectly next to any body of water! ⛱ Introducing, Dirty Bird – Blue Hawaiian Cocktail inspired Hard Seltzer (8% ABV), made in honor of our friends snarky blue & gold macaw. 🦜Especially refreshing on a hot day, feel free to add ice when combating the sun’s balmy rays. 🌞 Dirty Bird is filled with flavors of pineapple, tangerine & coconut, making it your ultimate tropical libation. 🍍🍊🥥


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