Soulman Stout


Hoppy Scale

A rating for the bitterness and flavor of each beer.

  • 1 - 0-25 IBU
  • 2 - 25-40 IBU
  • 3 - 41-60 IBU
  • 4 - 61-80 IBU
  • 5 - 80+

Aroma Scale

A rating for the aroma of each beer.

  • 1 - No Dry-hop
  • 2 - Single Dry-Hop, 1#/bbl or less
  • 3 - Single Dry-Hop, 1-2#/bbl
  • 4 - Double Dry-Hop, 2-3#/bbl
  • 5 - Triple Dry Hop or Double Dry-Hop, 3+#/bbl
semi-regular release




Hops Used:

East Kent Golding


Tasting Notes

Foreign Extra Stouts are slightly bigger, sweeter and more bitter than Dry Stouts due to their original intended purpose of being exported to Caribbean markets from Ireland. Our version does use extensive amounts of oats for added body/mouthfeel. Chocolate, coffee, earthy, creamy. Pairs well with deserts.


Taking you back to a time, when 8 tracks bumped beats, and the masters of Soul delivered tunes that made you get up on your feet. Let our Soulman be your guide to a place where stouts have flavor, body and a smooth taste with depth and dimension. Soulman Stout is a foreign extra stout with a slight earthiness from the East Kent Golding hops, but the flavor profile is rooted in roast coffee and chocolate. Give Track 7 a spin and take a sip of soul.