Sukahop Northeast-Inspired IPA

Northest-Inspired India Pale Ale

Hoppy Scale

A rating for the bitterness and flavor of each beer.

  • 1 - 0-25 IBU
  • 2 - 25-40 IBU
  • 3 - 41-60 IBU
  • 4 - 61-80 IBU
  • 5 - 80+

Aroma Scale

A rating for the aroma of each beer.

  • 1 - No Dry-hop
  • 2 - Single Dry-Hop, 1#/bbl or less
  • 3 - Single Dry-Hop, 1-2#/bbl
  • 4 - Double Dry-Hop, 2-3#/bbl
  • 5 - Triple Dry Hop or Double Dry-Hop, 3+#/bbl
semi-regular release




Hops Used:

Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic


Tasting Notes

Sukahaze, Sukajuice, Sukapina


A few years ago, we decided to experiment by brewing the same beer with two different yeasts. This resulted in Love & Hoppiness, which featured CA and VT variations. The VT version—which drew on the Northeast’s haze movement—quickly caught on with our fans. We were stunned by the level of support we received, and the continued requests for a new release. So, we decided to take another crack at it and brew a bigger Northeastern, hazy style IPA, with a focus on using fruity, juicy hops.

Our goal was to take what we learned from L&H and use that as a jumping off point. And that’s how Sukahop was born: a beer that is so ridiculously aromatic and juicy—with Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops—you’ll swear you’re sucking on a hop. If you’re ready to fall in love with hazy IPAs, raise a glass with us and get ready to discover why this new emerging style of beer is so wonderfully special.